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The next generation of motoring needs a new generation of motor vehicle specialists who can work safely and knowledgeably in the electric, hybrid and hydrogen automotive industry. Over three days, this course draws you into the electric vehicle sector and gives you a confident understanding of electric, hybrid and hydrogen technology and how to work on them safely.

Working around EVs can be hazardous. Beyond the usual risks of vehicle maintenance and repair, you’re dealing with high voltage components, energy that can cause explosion or electric shock – even when the vehicle is switched off. This course brings you right up to speed, so your E&HV and hydrogen service, repair, diagnostics, operation, and maintenance are safe and first class.

As an automotive technician, you’ll shift up a gear with this course. Everything you know as a traditional mechanic changes when you have an electric, hybrid and hydrogen vehicle in front of you.

Who is this course for?

This course is for Automotive Technicians and Specialists. Body Repair Centres, Emergency Services, Race Teams, Motor Vehicle Sales, Service and Parts. Roadside Repair and Recovery Organisations. Vehicle Detailers. Vehicle Dismantlers and Recyclers. Fleet Managers and Personnel

Course delivery

This course is delivered over three days. Each day of the course covers a single technology: electric, hybrid and hydrogen, walking you through the ins and outs of working safely with mass-adopted EVs

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