Understanding Hydrogen HGV – Awareness and Behaviours



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1 day




The world of HGV transportation is changing, are you ready for the future?

The aim for the future is to reduce carbon emissions and support the electrification of the UK’s Road transport systems. The introduction of different fuel types for propulsion is a substantial change which the transport industry needs to prepare for.

This one-day course will provide you with an awareness of who is affected, how they are affected and what needs to be recognised to facilitate the implementation of hydrogen HGV.  This course will support you to identify the impact on the provision of a Safe place, Safe Plant, and Safe person.

Upon completion you will receive a certificate of completion.


  • Understanding current industry roles and responsibilities
  • Comparing conventional operations with internal combustion engine and hydrogen fuel
  • Additional hazard, risk and control requirements
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hyrdogen heavy goods vehicle on the road

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